Foster Care Scared

Are you someone that says I wanted too foster? Are you someone that says i would love to foster but "those kids come with baggage." The bias goes on and on. What are you scared of ? Helping a kid a child someone that did not ask to be in the system. My thoughts you should be brave and do it. You could literally change that child's life that small act change that one special moment in your life. Not theirs yours. Misconceptions I hope that make you think. Just maybe. Did you know...... You only need to be 18 foster. You need to have enough money for yourself. You can be disabled. You even can be on disability or social security. You can have rough past You don't have to be religious You don't have to have a partner or be married. You can live in an apartment You do not have to be a Us Citizenship Each state has different standard of criminal background still could qualify to foster These are few things I learned in the process. Now I reside in California every state county country are different. Those are some things I wish I knew. When I was younger because I would have jumped on the band wagon a lot sooner. Of course you still have to follow protocols for fostering background checks. Just in case your one of those people. Look into local agency for foster care or your local county. I would like to add some encouraging things that kept me motivated. If you are looking for a family movie watch INSTANT FAMILY! Bonus Mark Walburg stars in it. . These two youtube videos i often send to people thinking about Foster care. The awkward thing I want to say that probably thinking but too afraid to think to say it. Guess what not all kids in foster care have been molested ,physically abused or that they miss behave.Remember most kids are in foster care because of there caretaker not because they choose it. Also babies in foster care is not really a thing. The truth is siblings who love each other need to be together and supported. So looking into the system look at more of siblings need a home. Now Have I peaked your interest. Don't be a shoulda coulda woulda. Look into it. I promise the scariest thing your doing is not looking into it. Could you imagine meeting one of coolest people you ever met. Just by looking into the foster care system and being a change. Foster care is not scary the media makes it scary. Fear creates fear but think about it this way.. I'm one of the many people who had a great positive experience. Im not the only one. My family benefited from it. It has had its thorns but honestly we have a whole rose garden. I can't wait to share more in the future.For now if your really really thinking about it. Let me be the sign for you to do the web search. Honestly kindness is showing another child that they do count. KindnessCounts for our children. JM Shout out to my boys gotcha day August 29,2018 Mom loves you!

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