Covid19 Survival Ideas

I am NOT DR ! Just what I did! CALL your DR if you have questions! Have you not been exposed and want to know what you should have on deck if exposed. Same except i was exposed and survived it! In my book that is a blessing! I am family of 5 soon to be 6. What I wish I would have known. First get all the basic over the counter meds. What you use. If you don't have it on hand have someone you know get you the meds.Do porch drop off(SO that person remains safe). Get yourself water,toilet paper,cough drops,gatorade pedialyte. And good thermometer. You must keep an eye out for your temperature because if it gets too high and can't break it you must go to the ER. I would also get yourself some rags to cool you down. I would calculate a check up after quarantine with Dr because of the virus you don't know how your body was attacked. In my household we all had different symptoms and different needs. I was personally one of the people lost texture,taste and smell. It's a very weird symptom sometimes when sick with regular cold you lose both those things except I think this virus is a beast. IT IS A DIFFERENT SENSATION! For the symptoms I used rags to cool me Down. I kept alexa and my phone on top of when to take my meds because of fatigue. I asked for food drop off as much as possible because if your head of household you don't want to cook! You have fatigue! If you can't taste what is the point you just need to get something in you! Liquids liquid liquids. Hydrate as often as you can. Yes you need toilet paper! IF you use bidet comes in handy as well! Take this time too rest! Yes there is HUGE range what symptoms you get! However after going through this prepare for the worst and hope for the best! So these are my recommendations what my family symptoms where! California numbers are rising like crazy! I.I was one of the people let my circle get bigger and almost cost me my husband myself and my unborn baby. I got COVID at 26 week pregnant! That was scary as HELL! IF YOUR THINKING ABOUT LETTING YOUR CIRCLE GET BIGGER LET ME BEG YOU NOT TOO! Show your family friends kindness if you can not see them based on their choice who is in there circle! I wish i wasn't selfish but I was and I made myself ILL! I've learned my lesson! i never want to be this sick ever again! KIndness counts when you learn from your mistakes and can forgive yourself. Im taking some time to recover now after surviving my family survived covid! I do believe we survived! Im practicing kindness these days starting with my family working my way out! JM KIndnessCounts *thermotor *over counter meds cough day- night basically whatever you use *timer to keep up on meds we used alexa and phones *water hydrate flush it out as much as possible *gatorade pedialyte help your kids hydrate and electrolytes *vape rub *A person run errands for you can't get it yourself so you don't expose anybody *toilet paper *tissue *essential oils help with your sense when lost *your favorite stuff comfort you pillows, blanket,stuffed animal,tv show *phone charger keep phone charged just in case you have to call 911 *diaper cream if your pregnant you pee uncontrollably no tinkle *vomit buckets *rags cool you down *kids meds again whatever your family uses *cough drops *new toothbrushes *lysol spray disinfect your whole house *goals keep you motivated stay home and get projects done even if you start feel better stay home until your dr says you can GO Back to public and work *vitamins and or kids vitamins i read zinc D3 was thing with Covid *open windows when you can get fresh air *people check on you window visit physically make sure you have not fainted or passed out if your alone *know where all your family insurance cards are or where you will go with no insurance in an emergency *podcast-music help you feel better *proning if your coughing it helped a lot *REST REST REST

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