Covid-19 Knocked on my door

Well let me be the first to admit I thought it was Hoax. Even after hearing about someone somebody of so and so. I thought I was invincible. Since the out Break my kids and I never got sick. The last time any of us where sick was back last february 2019. When my son had RSV but after that non of us where sick. We followed the protocol social distancing for good four months. Then we got laxed thought no way can't be us not us. BOY oh Boy was I was wrong!!!! My tight circle got bigger and i let my circle see other people besides us. I still kept to myself when have bunch kids can't really go out much anyways. But I did let the circle expand some what I did too. I went to the stores because boredom target homegoods others . I made the mistake of thinking invincible. I was finally exposed because my circle got bigger causing me to become the most vulnerable disabled husband a pregnant mom and three kids who depended on me. I was lucky because for two days I had no symptoms and as it was coming to light I through my back out! I was laid on my butt couldn't go anywhere barely made it to the bathroom. I was in excruciating pain. As I was recovering from my back. My husband started get sick. I was thinking allergies because the weather had finally gotten colder. So for a day did nothing. Just let him suffer get through it take his allergies meds. Then couple hours later cough cough. By the next night I would say I started coughing then my kids. it became a war zone, I was sick my husband who has cerebral palsy sick and all 3 kids sick. There was no time covid-19 was coming in full force. As i write this Im crying because I could have avoid this whole thing. I could have done exactly what the CDC recommended social distance keep to my house hold. Instead I powered through and thought i was invisible. I put myself my kids and everyone I was in contact with at risk. If your reading this IM SO SORRY! Back to the story..... First it wasnt itchy throat it was full on cough like where your choking cough. Dry cough try to hack but nothing coming but your literally choking on cough. I went into mom Mode nobody in nobody out. I started finding soup crackers vomit buckets meds. I ordered grocery. I didn't know how long this was going to last what was happening. I had to go into super mom wife mode. I am pregnant my husband with cerebral palsy three kids one who is one. I had to watch my husband carefully because it was taking breath away and there was definitely higher chance of him on ventilator becoming hospitalized. I had to prepare myself what I would have to live with rest of my life. My plan in a panic. I was to get everyone to there rooms and rest thank goodness kids didn't miss school and had to do this over thanksgiving break and the only thing lost was time with family and vacation. I became a watch dog.Everyone symptoms different and everyone needs different. I was fighter i honestly had no choice but to survive. I will be damned if I was going to let my family go out like this. KIDS tylenol cough drops water vitman c regualr vitmans on deck. Every single person in the house hold had to shower every day. I had to be extra careful because i Do all the transfers for my husband shower.I also had to ask for runner for things i couldn't get delivered. I was lucky and had family member outside getting me what i couldn't. Did porch drop offs. I also had the gruelling task of getting a covid test to confirm. The lines where long and It was waiting game. But couple days later confirmed I was part of the percent with cases rising. Also confirming my whole family was sick with covid. Makes me sad. I'm also mad at the outbreak. Besides the point. If it was bat I officially hate bats just by association. Husband symptoms Cough,vomiting ,bathroom (now you know why tp always gone it is symptom) shortness of breath goosebumps muscle spasms and lots of hacking.Symptoms declined but seemed to have symptoms longer than a week. Jessica coughing vomiting, running nose, basically if i didn't keep moving i would cough more causing me to struggle. So i had to keep myself going to keep the whole family going, When i was resting it was harder. I did learn on tik tok what proning was that helped me a ton! Lost taste not like when lose taste when originally sick but like can't feel textures or taste like just food sitting on top of your tongue.I absolutely hate cereal and I ate some just to use it up and eat. Normally i would never ever even try to eat it. It's not like when lose taste when sick normally. Like barely tell something in your mouth or tongue. I had few days of bathroom I think your body flushes it out in overdrive! Truth be told I rather have a day food poison then two weeks of shit show. The baby who is 1 he had night terrors,crying irritable,sniffles but seem to only have symptoms for 2-3 days Middle Child Adrian 8 cough loss of voice low energy wanted to nap ear ache one full blown week Oldest child Jose 12 less than a week low energy runny nose Who got better first Owen i didn't know I was told rsv part of different covid strand. Then I would say Jose he seemed to have the easiest time from the struggle bus then would be Adrian once he was better he had to step up help with baby and I am definitely way more grateful for his ability. I made a covid list what was our goal each day. I used alexa in full force. It reminded me who was next for meds reminded me to take all of our temperatures.Kept me on track as i was becoming more and more foggy. Laying down was dreadful for me because that is when everything come up and i would literally spit out globs of snot. As the kids got better I honestly think showers meds vitamins gatorade and rest got them better the fastest. My husband powered wheelchair and he can not move very well but flonase claritin and showers to help loosen whatever the virus was seemed to be the best meds for him. After everyone started feeling better my body finally relaxed was like hehehe time for you and virus took over. I became extremely fatigued could barely hold my eyes open. I had to create new plan what was I going to do get myself out of this mess. Showers as hot as I could take them and quick so i would get hot shower and put it on my chest so I could then cough up whatever was in my lungs. It feels like you smoked 5 packs of cigs a day and need to get a drag to feel like can breathe again was best way I could describe it. I then was loose enough and endured the netting pot. I had to get as much of mucus gonk out of me asap. I also was well aware I am pregnant wasn't going to risk delivering way to early. I am driver and ultimate runner typically in my family. So with me laid out I used amazon and safeway delivery service for what became essential for us. As i write this my taste buds are finally back but I would think with this forever altered. LIke typical things I love don't taste the same anymore. I desire those same taste but it just feels off. I also had scare of Pneumonia because I was pregnant high risk now and completely stress ball tapped out. I would say 10-10 don't recommend covid. Lesson I learned when husband says slow down he means it. If you don't want to end up marriage 20 years down the road with I told you so. Take your health mental health seriously. After experiencing covid I am now looking at those people with slow living more of understanding, I like my household alot more and alot more grateful with all the craziness. I am learning that I can't do it all but I can survive it all.I am going to be kinder to myself. I am normally a hotmess mom 24/7 hair bun and sweats. But Now I want to do more selfcare. Yes most of the time I am bun yoga pants but after this I want to do more for myself like makeup and outfits because It will just make me feel good. I want to not take for granted how to get from point a to point b kind to basic of strangers and neighbors. But with death pandemic and let me say a shit show show kindness right in front of my face. I want to take advantage of my kids being small and at home with pandemic. Literally everything I thought I could do or get to that was almost taken in moment's notice, So I plan to do those crafts leaving house a mess and have kinder heart.Covid is scary if you lost someone because of this I am so sorry. If you have gotten to skip the pandemic count lucky stars and be kind to people who gotten it. Its unruly time and you never know what's going to happen. They don't need the I told you so people. They need love support soup and meds and ride to the hospital need be, Some things can do if you have family friend ect experiencing covid! Drop off whatever common cold meds they use. Offer to take there laundry do it for them one less thing they need to do but rest. Whatever favorite meal is or soup anything to get them to eat. Offer to be the runner if they can't order it be the person can count on for the back up plan. Like I said One less thing for them to do have someone take there garbage down. There already so exhausted nice to just take it out for them. Send them text saying feel better. You are completely alone even with your family I can't describe the feeling but it's lonely. When you have to become quarantined you miss basics of people. Don't just ask what they can do see it do it. Water toilet paper lysol will come in handy. For me it was don't ring the doorbell send me a text saying it was delivered when baby kids and everyone napping resting better to keep it quiet. So send a text saying dropped off. Above all else just be kind to the people experiencing it. Moving forward I will admit I am extremely traumatized from it all. I will tighten my circle because who knows if you can or will ever get it again. I will keep more to myself. I am hoping this whole nightmare ends soon. However in this i did finally get around to starting this blog. I am really enjoying it. I am going to focus on my little family and showing my kindness more with in my circle.Kindness Counts when you make it count. If my husband reading this you will forever have my wife got me covid! I told you so moment. I bow to thee. JM Kindness Counts if you would like christmas card message address on instagram wheelchairwife922 or my email I will send you one! Dear kids and husband It was hell it was weird We made it through I love you We kicked butt in 2020 Cheers to you We puked choked Peed and pooped all too much for all of us We shared the toilets Shared the sinks Sprayed the heck out of those lysol sprays We did what we could We made it through Dear Husband and Kids I truly love you! MOm and Wife

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