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Birthday Love #30

Well Hello I’m 30! My baby boy is one next up is Jose who will be 12! I love birthday I’m actually kinda obsessed! I love birthday because one excuse to say hello I’m freakin awesome and love on yourself or others! My birthday was struggle for couple years because of 911 when twin towers fell down! Since then I have made it a point to celebrate. I’m big on celebrating because on that day that moment I you were created for your small mark on the world! There always a reason you or anybody else is here on earth! It seems to be great way show kindness to others! You get show Them you love them you care for them! Big or small just by saying happy birthday! Well goodbye 20s hello 30s! I’m starting my 30 married with kids! I hope this decade gets better and better! Remember you can always be super kind on someone birthday! Kindness Counts! JM Photo credit Taken by Ashley Frame

Unlikely Friendship

Being a caretaker your home a lot you get the extra down time. So when that happened to me I was more interested in shorter time span and started following people on youtube. i followed people with tips tricks and the obsession of what was trending.I lived in apartment at that time i was someone that would start from beginning work my way up to present day. Well one the people i was following the background started to look common to my apartment. When i got to present day. I didn't want look crazy so I messaged the P.O box said we lived in the same complex can we be friends. Well couple weeks later I ran into her at the mail box. If you haven't guessed I am talking about Channon Rose on youtube, Luckily we had hot tub so we both meetup with our husbands well they got married few months later. That kinda slittified are friendship. Back then I had infertility for about seven years was coming to the terms with it.Hindsight who would have guessed. We would have kids.Three years later. What I mean unlikely friendship what are the odds that you watch someone daily. Then you meet someone that you watch. You become very close to that person. You share the unlikely horrible struggle of infertility. Still manage stay friends through the ups and downs of life.Have different pasts and food choices.Through it all we have been able to show each other kindness. Could you imagine we showed more people the true meaning of kindness. The unlikely friendships we could have. I like to think of it like animal kingdom often we show the unlikely friendships of other animals alligator and chicken. My favorite dog and deer. If other animals can show kindness we can too. Channon motto on her youtube channel at the end of most videos with her family is sending all my love and positive energy. We should pass that on be sending more positive energy to others. When we do that means kindness counts. So to my friend I figured i would make a vegan recipe that literally everyone can enjoy. Candied Pecans or Almonds Ingredients 2 cups of pecans or almonds 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup of maple syrup 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon parchment paper baking sheet The trick I learned is with nuts put them freezer they last longer. You always toast them. Again one of the reasons or benefits of being home you watch a lot of Rachel Ray! Now back to recipe I used a cast iron. I through all the pecans on the cast iron toasted them until hot and it made the house smells great. Then take them out set them aside. Pour the maple syrup vanilla,salt ,white and brown sugar. Once dissolved and reduced add all the ingredients to the pan pecans let it get coated.The smell is so fragrant that need some cheering up strongly suggest making it. Happiness in a pan. Once everything is coated spray some non stick parchment paper add the mixture bake in the oven 350 degrees for about 10-15 mins take out of oven sprinkle more brown sugar. Serve. If you make this send me pictures instagram and Ill repost. Be a friend show kindness counts to them. Friendships are often shown through love positive energy and kindness. Making those count.

Foster Care Scared

Are you someone that says I wanted too foster? Are you someone that says i would love to foster but "those kids come with baggage." The bias goes on and on. What are you scared of ? Helping a kid a child someone that did not ask to be in the system. My thoughts you should be brave and do it. You could literally change that child's life that small act change that one special moment in your life. Not theirs yours. Misconceptions I hope that make you think. Just maybe. Did you know...... You only need to be 18 foster. You need to have enough money for yourself. You can be disabled. You even can be on disability or social security. You can have rough past You don't have to be religious You don't have to have a partner or be married. You can live in an apartment You do not have to be a Us Citizenship Each state has different standard of criminal background still could qualify to foster These are few things I learned in the process. Now I reside in California every state county country are different. Those are some things I wish I knew. When I was younger because I would have jumped on the band wagon a lot sooner. Of course you still have to follow protocols for fostering background checks. Just in case your one of those people. Look into local agency for foster care or your local county. I would like to add some encouraging things that kept me motivated. If you are looking for a family movie watch INSTANT FAMILY! Bonus Mark Walburg stars in it. . These two youtube videos i often send to people thinking about Foster care. The awkward thing I want to say that probably thinking but too afraid to think to say it. Guess what not all kids in foster care have been molested ,physically abused or that they miss behave.Remember most kids are in foster care because of there caretaker not because they choose it. Also babies in foster care is not really a thing. The truth is siblings who love each other need to be together and supported. So looking into the system look at more of siblings need a home. Now Have I peaked your interest. Don't be a shoulda coulda woulda. Look into it. I promise the scariest thing your doing is not looking into it. Could you imagine meeting one of coolest people you ever met. Just by looking into the foster care system and being a change. Foster care is not scary the media makes it scary. Fear creates fear but think about it this way.. I'm one of the many people who had a great positive experience. Im not the only one. My family benefited from it. It has had its thorns but honestly we have a whole rose garden. I can't wait to share more in the future.For now if your really really thinking about it. Let me be the sign for you to do the web search. Honestly kindness is showing another child that they do count. KindnessCounts for our children. JM Shout out to my boys gotcha day August 29,2018 Mom loves you!

???Common question ???

Let's start with what is common for my husband when at grocery store, electronic store or even just on a walk walking with him. Often first natural reaction is they talk to him as if he can't speak. Now i don't know based on upbringing or just fear. They talk to him as a child often get startled by the reaction. When they find out that my husband speech is intact. What does bother me is when we are at these stores and they road block him or are family and want to pray in the store.The prayers are nice but nicer when you take that time do it on your own time don't force us. Its awkward feeling often makes us feel uncomfortable and its happened more than once in different stores. Boundaries! Now that is small look into our family. Here are some questions that may or may not Know. 1. What does your husband have ? Cerebral Palsy Definition: a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis) and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth. Are typical short answer for people. Loss of Oxygen in the brain. 2.Can Braden feel? Braden is Not paralyzed he can feel everything. I even sometimes tickle him. 3.How fast does my husband powered chair go? NINE miles hour. Mostly men ask this trying to connect with him. But this one is funny because most the men think they came up with this joke. 4.Does everything work? My typical answer mind your business. The baby was naturally conceived so YES. After 10 years infertility I got the miracle plus sign. 5. When you go to bed do you have to get up if he needs to use restroom? NO. We use urinal cost is typically 7 dollars often found at Wal-mart, CVS and other stores. 6. Does your husband have a special diet? Nope he drinks soda likes it is an ocean. He actually is picky eater by choice. No veggies unless it is Broccoli with mayo. 7. Why does Braden drink with a straw? Easier and typically has lid minimize spilling. 8. How does he work? Well he is professional poker player and comedian goes back fourth depending tournament and opportunities. He might fall into politician soon. 9. What does his caregiver do for him? Grocery shop cook clean help with showers Picking things up. Laundry and best of all mothering his children. 10. Do you ever get a break from each other ? Yes and No. We are 24/7 team. So we spend a lot of time together. More than average couple. However we try are best do things for ourselves have friends and family help. I hope these question of curiosity opened up your eyes. That you learned something inside a family with a wheelchair and wife. When you see someone in show them some kindness and smile at them. If your in your mask wave. Kindness always counts. JM

You Got Kids

Some times you just need a simple creative snack! This is for those kids who have a sweet tooth but you don't want to just drown them with the typical candy bars. Its back to school for us we are doing distant learning. I am lucky mom because I am the main caregiver for my husband so I already stay home as wife-mom already. If your mom dad or teacher in this whole covid-19 thing shout out to you because YOU ROCK! We got this! Even if we don't we will! Ok back to the food where all home and have to eat. We got to make it yummy! Ingredients Flour tortillas Peanut-butter Ground cinnamon Honey Semi sweet chocolate chips Raspberries Apple Directions: Take one flour tortilla lay it flat. Get a butter knife to smooth the peanut butter. It does make it easier. When you add the topping it will stick better. Next add the honey so you can add the toppings. Less sticky fingers. Sprinkle the tiniest bit of ground cinnamon. Cut the apples into small cubes spread out all over the tortilla. My next favorite topping is raspberries. I love the tang an sweetness. Then to make it feel more like a candy bar got to add the chocolate chips. I used a pizza cuter to make it into pizza like triangles. Enjoy! if you recreate this recipe please share on my instagram so I can re-post. As I practice Kindness counts I hope you do As well. JM

Spider Balls

Hello Friends thank you so much for joining, I thought a share story this week. Now being a caregiver your not always wanting to do things. There are pros to your life style but also some cons. When your the main caregiver you get pretty damn tired. This happened to be one of those nights. We lived in apartment and during this time Braden went to bed late since he was playing poker stars he use to be professional poker player. I transfer Braden into bed and unclothed him he sleeps naked it’s more comfortable for him. As we head to bed I notice spider on the ceiling and since my husband can’t get The monsters or bad guys typically falls on me. I got the broom and whacked it away. Time to put broom back in closet It was now time to go to bed I set up all his night time stuff. We go to sleep. If you are main caregiver once you fall asleep your pretty much in coma until it’s time for the next day. Well in middle of sleep Braden says "Hey can you check the covers I feel something moving". I being so tired say" It’s in your head please go back to sleep I’m exhausted."He rolled over I hear him breathing a little more heavy. But tries to go back to sleep. Then 20-30 mins I hear Jessica I know your so tired. I wake up. can you please turn on the light and check the covers please and I yell "ITS IN YOUR HEAD.". I turn on the light. I remove covers and now I see the crazy monster the spider and it’s fight. I have to figure out how to remove the spider from my husband special jewels and brave it now In a panic I blow and spider doesn’t move my next thought smack it all you can hear Braden" PLEASE!! PLEASE NO!" Luckily spider jumps to my side bed and I kill it. So from now on instead checking for monsters under the bed we check for spiders on the ceiling. Now in our family we always say check for spiders on your balls. I could have had a little more kindness because it definitely counts. Kindness counts JM

Recipes For the Busy Moms

Growing a Family and Growing a Garden Is Basically the Same Thing.

They both take patience, food and water, and more attention than you have left to give. But the end product is always worth it.

Foster Care; the truths and myths of the process.

Adoption is dope and we highly recommend it!

Sometimes the Best Dads Have Wheels

Yes, Braden's on wheels but, more importantly he is the best dad for our sons to look up to.

Wheel Chairs Aren't What You Think.

I know what you're thinking; having a partner that lives in a wheelchair is incredibly hard. But, I'm here to tell you it's not as challenging as you'd think! We are huge Kings fans and love going to games as a family. Wheel Chairs aren't as scary as you think they are.. Every layout comes with the latest social features built in. Readers will be able to easily share posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, view how many people have liked a post, made comments and more. With the Wix, building your online community has never been easier.

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