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You Got Kids

Some times you just need a simple creative snack! This is for those kids who have a sweet tooth but you don't want to just drown them with the typical candy bars. Its back to school for us we are doing distant learning. I am lucky mom because I am the main caregiver for my husband so I already stay home as wife-mom already. If your mom dad or teacher in this whole covid-19 thing shout out to you because YOU ROCK! We got this! Even if we don't we will! Ok back to the food where all home and have to eat. We got to make it yummy!


Flour tortillas


Ground cinnamon


Semi sweet chocolate chips



Directions: Take one flour tortilla lay it flat. Get a butter knife to smooth the peanut butter. It does make it easier. When you add the topping it will stick better. Next add the honey so you can add the toppings. Less sticky fingers. Sprinkle the tiniest bit of ground cinnamon. Cut the apples into small cubes spread out all over the tortilla. My next favorite topping is raspberries. I love the tang an sweetness. Then to make it feel more like a candy bar got to add the chocolate chips. I used a pizza cuter to make it into pizza like triangles. Enjoy! if you recreate this recipe please share on my instagram so I can re-post. As I practice Kindness counts I hope you do As well.


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