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Welcome Back

I had to take a break for a minute because of life. Owen was teething, his molars came in. It was rough.

I’m prepping for my summer garden.

I chose to get the vaccine but the side effects knocked me out. It set me back because, with a family of six, I was unable to do much. I had to catch up on laundry! Where have I been homesteading, laundry, cooking? After I got back into action, I was running my washer and it took a dump, lol. So now I just need to finish my boy's bedding. This momma is back on track!

Also, we got a new van so, check my Instagram out & see the pictures. We have enough space for all of the kids plus one or two family members or friends to join us. We are currently planning a family vacation to San Diego and maybe a quick stop in LA.

Some things I have for this blog & making it a priority, is because it makes me happy. It’s self-care and explaining how I do it. Tips and tricks. Some cooking recipes I created. Some adoptive struggles I have had to go through. Some parenting hacks I learned with the age groups. I’ve got a newborn and up to a 12 year old. Basic handicap hacks & struggles. Those that are coming. I am starting to type in the night now that the baby is sleeping longer. Also, I had to learn how to renew my site. Lol. If you are reading this, I love and appreciate you. I'm coming back better than ever. Garden stuff up next. Then adoption struggles. Kindness things that I am trying to practice daily. Then after three new blog posts, if I get you guys to share and like, I will do a give away and also, a personal letter from me.

Welcome back, nice to see you: As I like to say: Kindness counts. I'm here to make my blog count as kindness to myself.

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