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Summer Trip

As a mom who has 2 adopted kids, I think is important to take the kids back to where they’re from. We did just that. I even asked the social worker for food recommendations. We got to talk about life before adoption-before us and now.

I'm not afraid talk to my kids about the past. Just something for me to get to know them. They’re also free to talk about it. My job now is to teach my kids. They need to be taught respect and proper boundaries. So far my kids are super respectful. I'm lucky they choose that.

Well, we went and saw where they were from. We did drive around. Now we did new things and made new memories. One bonus on the trip was the elevator broke so our room got upgraded. The restaurant recommendation was delicious.

We added new memories to the brain. We created our own family memories. By far, this trip was a fun experience.

Kindness for me is: We all need a break, to be able check out, relax, we did just that. We got out of our day to day surroundings.

Took a blast from the past and launched the future, talking about our hopes and dreams. Long car rides are great for talking about the past, present, and future. Also, taking turns listening to everyone’s music of choice.

Show some kindness, take a break.

Kindness counts when you take a break.



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