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Spider Balls

Hello Friends thank you so much for joining, I thought a share story this week.

Now being a caregiver your not always wanting to do things. There are pros to your life style but also some cons. When your the main caregiver you get pretty damn tired. This happened to be one of those nights. We lived in apartment and during this time Braden went to bed late since he was playing poker stars he use to be professional poker player. I transfer Braden into bed and unclothed him he sleeps naked it’s more comfortable for him. As we head to bed I notice spider on the ceiling and since my husband can’t get The monsters or bad guys typically falls on me. I got the broom and whacked it away. Time to put broom back in closet It was now time to go to bed I set up all his night time stuff. We go to sleep. If you are main caregiver once you fall asleep your pretty much in coma until it’s time for the next day.

Well in middle of sleep Braden says "Hey can you check the covers I feel something moving". I being so tired say" It’s in your head please go back to sleep I’m exhausted."He rolled over I hear him breathing a little more heavy. But tries to go back to sleep. Then 20-30 mins I hear Jessica I know your so tired. I wake up. can you please turn on the light and check the covers please and I yell "ITS IN YOUR HEAD.". I turn on the light. I remove covers and now I see the crazy monster the spider and it’s fight.

I have to figure out how to remove the spider from my husband special jewels and brave it now In a panic I blow and spider doesn’t move my next thought smack it all you can hear Braden" PLEASE!! PLEASE NO!" Luckily spider jumps to my side bed and I kill it. So from now on instead checking for monsters under the bed we check for spiders on the ceiling.

Now in our family we always say check for spiders on your balls. I could have had a little more kindness because it definitely counts.

Kindness counts


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