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This is the email I sent to get sacramento kings attention!

I did! However they did ask If anybody else like our family. So if you are handicap sacramento surrounding area contact me. Said it would help my case. So I am doing just that.

Back story I sent this email to 16 people only one person offered a phone call to hear me! This is the email sent. I couldn't find sacramento kings owners email. Only other person I would try. If given the chance.

Kindness Counts


Dear someone (this email got someone attention to look into it )

Hi my name is Jessica murphy I have lived Sacramento my whole life. As well my husband who is powered wheelchair cerbal palsy. Now I could give you some love story how we love the kings! How are kids have ton merchandise of the kings and that we do attend games. But this is the part I really need to listen too.

We often see tickets for this price or Groupon sometimes offered from season ticket holders or family friends as gifts to us. But fine print dosen't include handicap accesible area.

When it was arco arena we would be gifted or simply go box off trade tickets often or was for upper level no problem enjoyed the game. For the new arena not the case or the option. All I am asking if your reading this. Is let our family have the same accesibilty to the tickets on groupon or if gifted the accommodations. Because what often happens is that handicap seats more expensive where there are. Understandable but we are being punished mainly my husband because nothing of his fault simply for him being wheelchair. We are family four boys all under age 13. It would simply be nice to get affordable seat for our family sit together. Or at some point for my husband and his kid sit together. This is no fault but the system. All I pleading is that very depressing watching tickets go on sale or Groupon living social ect we can't even purchase because we don't fit the bill. Of what would be affordable. We simply asking not be punished for dad husband friend family member being in powered wheelchair. For the record often what happens is some representative will call try ask sell us season tickets. That is absolutely NOT what I am asking often insult. I need someone higher up to see my plea and make it fair. For family who simply loves the Sacramento kings!

Jessica Murphy

Family four boys two adopter foster care converted kings

2 under 2 who will be born kings fans

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