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My first Trip too the ER W/ Kids

Hello whAT SHOULD I CALL YOU? I have, until this time, only been to the ER for myself, not for friends, family, or relatives. In that moment my life flashed RED. However, now things are better! We are just recovering from it. Owen fell down eating ice cream. I was cleaning him up and as he was getting out, the high chair slipped out from under him. We were outside dining. So with the amount of blood coming from his head I knew immediately, “ER visit!” He got two staples in his head and nothing to numb the pain. Just the bam! bam! of the staple gun. He will get them taken out. By the time that happens he might even have forgotten it ever happened. However since Covid, the rule is only one parent inside the building at a time. For four hours I was holding Owen's head until I broke & said I had to pee and handed him off. Naturally, I thought it should be to his father! Finally security broke the rules after I said, “Owen and I could wait outside.” He gave us hospital blankets, so we could wait for the doctor to help figure out what care Owen needed. But, with that being said, it was super nice of the Dr. to give Owen a Teddy bear. My family and my husband’s family stepped up to the plate and made sure, in a moment’s notice, that everyone was taken care of. We all worked as a team. Our little family’s motto is: All for one and one for all. That's exactly what happened. Sometimes it's just family inside the family showing kindness.

As a mom who just went through this, these are some of the things I wish I had had in my car for an emergency. If this happens to you tell, your family to bring these things since they not provided in an ER visit. I now have a back pack besides a diaper bag in my car in case of an emergency: Sweatshirt, hand sanitizer, toys for a child, water, kid friendly snacks (anything that lasts a long time), butt wipes because the hospital’s are gross, small blanket (because ER visits take a long time), portable phone charger, change of clothes for the kids, I even put a mask in because I realized we should especially do that in the ER.

At first I was very frustrated because I wanted my kid to come first. At the end of the day hospital’s have a system. I had to have patience letting adults go before my child, even checking out before

My child. But to practice kindness-because I’m sure emergencies unfortunately, will happen again-I plan on leaving a Starbucks card and a Thank You card in my emergency bag so that I can show a little extra kindness and show I’m thankful for the service they’re doing because I’m sure Er staff are never thanked or shown kindness in place that is full of pain. They are expected take care of you immediately and follow up with a primary doctor. They are told to fix the problem, now. To show some more kindness I’m going to keep Thank You cards in my car for emergencies for something that I think is not thanked enough. At the end of the day I bet the kindness I could show would count towards a thankless job!

Kindness counts

Jessica Murphy

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