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First let's start with being wife being in a pandemic lately has got me pretty tied up. If you haven't seen my instagram might not know I am pregnant again with another baby boy I will have gotten four kids under 2 years. So basically speeding up the mom process asap. Also distant learning have two boys birthdays plus mine Owen turned 1 and Jose turned 12. Has been very busy. But I promise I want to keep this going. Braden and i also celebrated 8 years married and 11 years together. Our first date was october 3 2009. During this time we have had two presidents. Shh this your getaway from the polls.

Ok now back to what i was thinking about even though we are not going anywhere . However when we would socialize go to peoples houses or even events depending on the event. We often get this I don't think my house handicap accessible or I would invite you but i don't know how you would get in. So just in case you want to make a friend pandemic over and often wonder how let me point some things out for you. This is will work with most but extra look for powered wheelchair.

The first thing going look front door garage side door what's the lowest to the ground has the least lip. But not sliding glass door thats last resort. I will explain later. This is best because if thats case can get someone strong help pop a willy over it to get into the area. You can get small ramp off amazon or store we use ill leave the links below on the ramps. This is the most common for the house need clear path. The lips most of the time most people can work around. Just make your decor and water hose are out of the way. The ramps are simple.

This is my advice only for a powered wheelchair often the hardest to think about. My husband has control over the chair unlike some people who have to help with powered chair. He has been driving it since a child. So he is a very good driver in the chair lol. Most people in chairs are.

The tips make sure clear path. That animals and children are out of the way. That only small amount of people guide a person is helping to many cooks in kitchen get burned. Toys and misc are off the floor. Think of it has straight path with few turns your good to go. Pick area for that person maybe tv dinner tray to help put there food or drink on so closer to them then the average person.

The hardest if needed is sliding glass door. Is the threshold track because of powered wheelchair goes over it very hard to get the dents out and very expensive to replace. Yes speaking from experience but this is when use small ramp and another ramp to cover tracks Most people situation know what to bring and work out. There are some hospitality people that like to go above beyond purchase this . We often get this because family sooner then later caregives or prepares for the dooms days lol.

I hope this encourages you to invite that person know wheelchair too scared or afraid to invite. It is not as scary as it seems. If there is Will there is a way.

This is what we use I am not affiliated.

These two links have been very beneficial for our family. Maybe for your friend or family member too in the near future. Show some kindness and make it count invite someone in wheelchair.

Kindness Counts


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