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As we know my thing with kindness counts is not just because I believe it. It is because i also need to practice it in my home life and for myself. I struggle with Kindness so I surrounded my most vulnerable thing I have is kindness. I have sassy streak and when I hurt I am a person cant reckon with. Kindness counts because if Im held accountable to my kindness I have the inattive to be kind to others and to myself.With that being said the thing I struggle with kindness is making it count spending my time and energy making it count for myself. Just like anybody else it is hard sometimes to be kind. It is so easy have the surface kindness. Sometimes it is really that deep kindness with people who are right in front of you live under roof or see on a daily basis. We are meanest to the people where the closest to as expected we should also be the kindest but we forget to practice that. Anyways I wanted to do acts of kindness with pandemic going on as I am currently recovering from COVID-19 with my family. I thought of my ideas how to show some kindness during this season,

Post of covid-19 with my family will be coming soon. So stay tuned. Until then I thought what are some ways to make kindness count. These are some ideas i am going to try with my family maybe you want to try too. If you do some these tag me instagram with hashtag #kindnesscounts.

* You can pay for the person behind you in any drive thru.

*You can save box tops give them to your local school or friend or family member.

*If you notice coupon that someone uses save it for them mail it to them so they can use it.

*If you don"t cook just drop off frozen meal or tv dinners.

*cook or bake dinner drop off

*drop off groceries

*Become a pen pal with everyone stuck at home now perfect time reach out become pen pal with people around the world or just community since social distancing.

*Decorate family member or friends side walk with side walk chalk let them know miss them and care

*make some humming bird water and drop off mason jar 1cup sugar 4 cups water boil dissolve deliver

*Listen now the time to take time slow down and just listen hear about the hopes and dreams just really listen.

* Hear what the person saying and do something to really make them feel herd and that you where hearing understanding what they where saying

* Time spend time with your family like time not electronics but time with them

* Where in social media area but shouting out the people you care about on any social media letting them know see them and care.

*Self care do it for yourself or help someone else accomplish self care

*Forgive look deep forgive we all are hurt but once forgive you can finally let it GO

*paint rocks kind words put them around the neighborhood

*show kindness to your family friends and strangers however that looks to you

*drop off plant flowers or seed to someone

*look up someone amazon wish list pay for something

*Send a care package from etsy or amazon

*pick up trash walk outside

*Be patient and kind even feel that dont want too.

These are ideas I have of course there plenty more like toilet paper lysol hand sanitizer and bunch on pinterest and google. With times being so weird. These are some things I have been thinking about to show my KIndness. I really find it important to make it count. I can"t do it all but I can make small steps show people I encounter that Kindness means alot to me to show it. Also means alot to share the kindness. I really want to practice my kindness.I want to show my kids husband no matter what little or alot we have that more importantly kindness counts. Im starting with my little family working our way out.

Kindness Counts


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