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I started this whole thing In 2020! Purely joy for myself. But lucky for me odd numbers are my favorite and some of my best years! My kids adopted in odd numbers my kids born in odd numbers! I just love odd numbers! I have new baby coming soon.

With the new year I wanted to share my goals. I know this pandemic has been hard and hit everyone in one way or another. Moving forward with my kindness this Blog I did vision board I wanted to share more in detail my intentions and the hope of being held accountable. I am very guilty of giving big business my money and convenience of drive up delivery. I also can admit I get a small emotional high spending money. So this year I am planning to be less wasteful with stuff I have and food. I want to spend my money and time more important things.

I am lucky I have big family in my household and some other family members like my cooking. I want to use what I have like the oatmeal and beans that I never get around too, Use what I have before I restock. I plan to garden more as well. I have a bunch of seeds that I plan to be successful with and use what's in my garden. I was pretty successful with my garden last season but with gardening it is always learning experience and trial and error.

I plan to focus on slow living as well I don't want to keep up with the Kardashian I want to keep up with the Murphys. I have a whole bunch of self help books and other cook books ect this year I plan on reading them and when finished immediately regifting them to people I think enjoy or donating to someone who would enjoy. Same with the kids books I don't always want to use excuse of there tablets and computers. I really want to plan real life experience's with them and playing board games learning chess. Even if this pandemic still going on I want to live more intentional living with my family.

In this year of 2021 I want to get early prepared and organized life. I am constantly in a rush and addicted to my phone just as much the next. I want to really focus knowing where my phone and keys are and not spend majority of my life looking for these things. Practice more slow approach. I am also practicing more self care I can be a mom but less of a rachet mom and not use excuse not doing it. I want to be more put together even if that just means a cute outfit or my hair straightened, I am the typical hair in bun sweatshirt and go. But this year even if I am home with baby and kids just doing these small things make me feel good and boost my mood.

My next big focus is going to be this blog and putting more time and energy into it. I have a better time putting my thoughts into words even if they don't make sense to people. My life is so unique with adoption wheelchair mom and just the unconventional life style. I honestly love this blog for myself. But I also like to make people think in a different perspective. I like to think with the other side of my brain as well. My goal for this blog is to build a community and share life as there will be someone who has more and less than you. I want to build a conversation. I want ideas and thoughts. I want to share how we all can be less wasteful in our lives. I want to share ideas and thoughts challenges of kindness to ourselves and others,

Last but not least my overall goals this year kindness to the world is with my family and working outwards. I really love this blog and I want to show more kindness to others this year. Making kindness culture a more universal thing. I want my little group to do our part. So kindness always counts.

Kindness Counts


If you would like to share your vision board love to see send to my Instagram. My Instagram is wheelchairwife922.

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