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Incarcerated kid

It’s about to get personal. I’ve been thinking about this alot lately. I live in California and the prison-jail system is whole mess. But I want to think different perspective during covid pandemic all places have been shut down and there are no contact visits only phone calls. Lucky depending on the facility some get video chat. However let’s back it up. I’m a child of parent in prison. This is how my feeling went something to think about know family that’s parent is locked up. Regardless of the sentence a child does the sentence too. Sometimes the other parent or family member take them to visit and gives the inmate hope to do the time and do better when out. My situation I never got visit for two years and only letters. To far to young and single parent outside doing best they could put food on the table. We’re in class over worked couldn’t afford the drive to visit. Leaving me resentful and angry. I still hold on to some of this anger today. No matter what age a child still has feelings this is sad for child that was able to see parent on weekly visit and can not. These kids holding counting down hope. Currently California there is no visits. For the family That must be hard because serving time with no family or friends to encourage them in person. Or see them physically keep things going. Keep up parent hope but child’s hope. I can only imagine the suffering not being able to see somebody even if behind glass only getting phone calls. When child goes into foster care or family member parent military and stationed else where. There all these wonderful helpful things for them. Service to bring toys gifts to the holidays. Visits People reach out donate and make things special. However if your child with parent family member doing the best they can. These kids often unseen no service because not in system to look out for. These kids secretly suffer from magical life of what other humans kindness can do. Kids are often get turn the other cheek. To make this personal a little about me. If I where to see parent. Maybe lesson rebellion. I just think kindness is not too look down child who’s parents doing the time. The parent child deserve a visit and they deserve to be seen as and helped too. So here are some ideas to help the kids who have parent incarcerated. Adopt a family. We’re often taught prison culture don’t Accept handouts. But we can accepts gifts. Give ride or gas card to visit. When visits are open often don’t have to be blood family member just a friend. Just have to fill out the form. Obviously when pandemic visits are Open. Depending on parent offer take the kids to visit. Send pictures of the kids or have kids take pictures what they want to show parents what there doing on the outside. By the kids pen and paper have them write letters. You don’t know how much it means when your parent hears what your doing. If child’s angry have them send letter anyways. What parent feels like when send mail. Bonus points one favorite things inmates can get locked up. Fun fact I still have every single letter ever sent to me. From when I was the child suffering the times Send book that both child and parent can read . Help stay connected. Encourage discussion and gets kid reading. Example send book orgami they both learn how to fold paper. There are currently 195,000 children parents locked up California where I live. This just my state. These kids didn’t do the crime but there doing the time. Be mentor keep child busy keep child interested what life like outside. There down parent so always be mentor. Show your skills off. In return those skills might be able to show when the parents released. Teach kids card games doesn’t have to be poker . There are other games to play when the adult gets out kids can play that game with parent. For the adults outside that can’t fufill parent roll but are friend to the family. Be pen pal update them about kids growth achievement that kids can’t see. Kindness counts no matter what background. JM

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