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Get to Know ME !

Hi I am Jessica

My favorite color is neon pink. I'm obsessed with who is the princess and the queen in my family unit. I Love to cook and am more of the random home cook. My love language is gifts. I love to be the center of attention and surprises. My favorite stores are HomeGoods &T.J.Max. I attended therapy. My favoriteTV show is Grey’s Anatomy. For the last 13 years my husband and I made that our date night and TV show. My favorite singer is Pink. However, in my younger years it was Britney Spears (hashtag free Brittney). My celebrity crush is Adam Sandler. My favorite actress of all time was Britney Murphy, RIP! My favorite disney movie beauty and the beast!

I had a traumatic childhood with both parents dealing with substance abuse & neglecting me. As a child I dealt with incarceration and physical altercations between my parents. Yes, those altercations were never ok. With that being said, I’ve learned from those experiences and have taken the time to try and heal myself.

Those experiences have made me who I strive to be. Both as a parent & as an individual. I'm not perfect but strive to break the cycle. I don't like substance abuse and have chosen to be careful through out life. My fear of becoming an addict has been mentioned before. I was and am an addict of food.

I met my husband at 19. We have been together for 13 years and married almost 10 years. Our favorite team is the Sacramento Kings and I'm a Raiders fan. On vacation, our are favorite thing is to find arcades.

My personality is sassy and feisty. Some people like it some don"t. I have about 7 tattoos, the first being Beauty and the Beast dancing on my right thigh. There is a princess crown behind my ear. “I love you” is on my foot in my mom’s handwriting. Seven lady bugs-lady luck are on my left foot. Mickey & Minnie Mouse are on my neck. There is a Disney princess on my wrist. I'm sure there will be a few more in my future. I want my kid’s names and a couple more Disney theme tattoos.

I have a huge scar on my tongue. I bit it off when I was younger causing it to grow back together giving me a slight lisp. I struggle with grammar and spelling due to the lack of resources given to me as child but, as everyone sees, I try hard. That wasn’t always due to my lack of education. It was the extra support that I lacked.

I have been a professional poker player’s wife, a professional comedian’s wife, and now a grass-roots politician’s wife. But, my main role is just being me, being a caregiver, a friend, a family support system. I have adopted two boys, both school age when adopted. They’re honestly the coolest kids I know. I am not in contact with the adopted kid’s bio-family but open to it, depending on circumstances.

I have a brother who is 2 months & four days younger than me, however we were not raised with the thought process that kids come first. There has always been a divide. And, being so close in age, I can say there is a twin complex just not from the same womb. Plus, there are a few other siblings to whom I am not close.

My favorite coffee is iced chai soy milk plus toffee nut from Starbucks. If Dutch they kinda just get me on the advertising. Everywhere else, I order iced Caramel macchiato. At home I do all kinds of mixtures. My favorite author is Ellen Hopkins and I have almost all of my books signed by her. My favorite weather is fall because I love rocking sweatshirts. I love California, but Inside everywhere, they keep things cold. My favorite holiday is my birthday lol. However, I wanted it to be an actual holiday like Christmas! My religious belief’s are Christian but I’m not attached to a church. My favorite scent is Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret.

My worst habit is-I yell when frustrated, say mean things, then calm down & apologize. But, takes me a while to break from this bad habit. I’m closer to my husband’s side of the family than my own. My favorite animal is probably the elephant because they only have one mate and they do have excellent memory. My favorite flower is pink tulips!

One big thing that I advocate for is the homeless.

I love to garden & currently have some vegetables in the garden. I’ll probably update more in the next couple of posts.

My favorite kindness thing I love to do is pay for the person behind me. I love leaving little surprise treats on my neighbors and friends doorstep. I did this before Covid.

My insecurity is I believe that no one truly likes me. Even when someone does hang out with me, you still don’t like me.

Something commonly asked is how long did I struggle with infertility. The answer is 10 years! Has my husband always been in wheelchair? Yes!

What do I dream about now to make a small difference? My favorite thing about my family is we stand out: I have two Hispanic adoptive children, Two biological kids, and a Husband in wheelchair. If that doesn’t spark curiosity then what will?

My political beliefs can never be articulated correctly but I’m all over the place except for key issues. My favorite flavors are salty and savory. My favorite candy bar is Payday.

Pet peeves are flaking on me on day of the event, not having break lights and using the word “moist”. I have anxiety panic attacks, post partum depression, and depression.

My blog started out on how to spread kindness and make it count. So I try to practice that every Tuesday. Lol. No just in general, mainly start inside out. This blog is the kindness to myself.

Anyways kindness counts!

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