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Friends giving

We in the united states celebrate thanksgiving only non hallmark holiday we have. Only time don't have to worry about gifts money or candy. Just about good food. This year im celebrating differently like most. I will be at the ocean taking mini baby family moon before the new arrival. However now times spent friends and family a lot more special when your living in a pandemic.

Things i've learned in pandemic basically who you choose to spend with your friends family most important people in your life. Do you go ebs and flows yes. But now its more important to talk to people. Spend Time with people. Really enjoy people conversation time spent with you.

I am not doing traditional thanksgiving meal. Well because I will have that on thanksgiving. My menu is Appetizer chips salsa stuffed mushrooms,Main course tri tip green bean casserole mashed potatoes potato salad steamed carrots cranberry sauce macaroni cheese salad. Dessert apple and pumpkin pie with side of vanilla ice cream and coffee. Drinks are coffee water and apple cider most of us don't drink alcohol so this is why.

The kids will have kids table i printed a thanksgiving place matt with crayons paper for kids color. I also created a small scavenger hunt for around our neighborhood. The table low to the ground they get to sit on bottoms. Close enough to be included. For the adults because this year crazy i created place cards using closing pens and washing tape with their names. A card says what i am thankful for because of them more personal message from me the host. I am reusing a lot of the decor i already have. Making it more into thanksgiving theme.

It is funny the people that often hurt us the most are people closest too you. So these people I invited are the people I love hardest fight with the most. But I also have to rebuild constantly relationship with them. Often people hang around during the holidays those people fought with that no one talks about the fights and then making up. If your like me you run a fine line of boundaries and relationship protect your heart and feelings.

So my kindness rant Spend time with people you want to be around.They want to be around you. Be kind to the people your around. Have meaningful conversation and spend your time with people who enjoy you and you enjoy them, If we have all learned during this pandemic sometimes we don"t get the chance to show kindness people living in front of us.. We move too fast we forget that those people right in front of us help shape and build us. Those people are the ones that feel our hearts with kindness.

Making kindness count is more important now then ever before. If we put that out kindness energy you never know what it does for other people. It should feel you up to be kind. It is always free and makes more of difference and it can spread all across the world.


Update friendsgiving was blast! Nice to have laughter conversation and quality time. I wrote to each person and child what i was thankful for. I had little personal touches and to people about the small details. Also my door prizes for coming was toilet paper. For the kids was thanksgiving craft and glow sticks. Also everyone was good at rinsing off plate cleaning up after themselves leaving me time and space as the host to enjoy myself. There is also little bit drama and mine is almost setting house on fire because paper from apple cider jar i recycled landed on the heating tool dish washer making the kitchen smokey for little bit. I was bit embarrassed but I thought thats least of my worries. Food wasnt burn the bellies full. So i took that embarrassment and pride moved along lol. I think my kindness showed today. I felt i tried felt like everyone loved it!

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