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Four Names


Braden and I where married fairly young. We were Both 22, We choose our honeymoon to go too New York. Braden loved New York because of comedy I loved it because I'm secretly In love with Adam Sandler my celebrity crush! Well it's not secret I just love Adam and always have!

We arrived the week of united nations so it was packed with cars police officers security guards. I was excited! So many movies based in New York. I was going to see all the movie spots. Especially the one from BIG DADDY! It was very exciting. I was looking forward to time square and central park and of course New York slice of pizza. I get to be with my new Husband! I got to stay fancy hotel see the Macy mall many other sites. It was going to be a great time.

During this time not everything goes as planned but what was planned central park. We rented bikes. We did are own tour of the park. I was super excited for the scene where Adam throws the stick to make the roller bladders fall From the movie Big Daddy. Adam sandler is always be my celebrity crush! i think hes top notch! We made it spot near bench hear kinda high pitch sound kid was yelling wheelchair wheelchair. My husband obviously was in his chair as I rode the bike. We made it part just open path a lot of benches to sit on. The sound of the kid yelling caused us to kind turn around see why he was so interested. This is the part I get emotional about.

We turned arounf and began with the typical Hi hello. Then they said the boy that was so intrested in powered wheelchair and in umberlla stroller was waiting to get his very own wheelchair. The reason he was waiting was because few months earlier a 16 year old drunk driver had hit the family. The older siblings got out wheelchairs but he wasnt fortunate enough would be in a wheelchair for life. I just remember the moms face. Here we are on our honeymoon. I think first time that mom saw hope for son that he could date have potental of normal life. This little kid had whole lot of life to look ahead. I think the parents had a reassureance of life ahead of them.

So as conversation why they where in town. It was because Shaq had paid for ther trip to new york. For one of the charities he sponsored or co owns. I have reached out to Shaq before to see if he knew the family from Sept - Oct 3 2012. But you know its hard to get a hold of celebrity. I dont remember family from Utah or Ohio. however I do know the Son I named after my Son was Named Owen, So that I could always tell the story love exist no matter what. That you should number one never drink and drive. That no matter circumstance you have potential. Love wins. I forever get to tell the Story of Owen.

Jose And Adrian

Now in foster care you can change the kids name. But its highly reccomended you dont It can cause idenity problem.Espically School age. Just odd tidbit in california when you adopt they change birth certificate to where the adoptive parents basically birthed them. Im sure legistics. However makes things ids passports licenses much easier for the kids to get. Now my kids have a cool thing to there names. Jose is named after his Birth Dad named Jose and Adrian is Named after his birth mom Adrianna. So my boys will always have something with them. Small connection they will always have. We have nick names for kids we often call Jose Mose and Adrian Nitto. We came up with that just by bonding wtih them. It has just stuck so if you ever hear me call my kids mose or nitto Been doing it for years. Yes all the boys Have the last name Murphy legally.

Brandt Bentley

Mr. Brandt got his name after a golfer and teenmom OG. Let me explain. originally wanted Brayden with a Y. Since my husband name is Braden. But he often gets called Brandon Brenden. Instead of Bra-den.But i got got vittoed because He said shouldtdone that first. In the midst of covid and non politics. We watched alot of golf. The name Brandt from Brandt Snedker seemed like nice ring to it. Different nice ring to it. Easy to say and spell. Plus the golfer on the outside seems like a really cool golfer family guy thats what I my self drawn too. Homesteading and family life. Private inside but obviously try role model to the public. So we decided Brandt. Both Owen Brandt have warrior theme Owen is young warrior and Brandt means fiery flame. So Brandt came to the world 2-12-21.

I will be putting this on lottery ticket. Now the Bentley Part if your Mtv Teen MOM watcher you already know. I Have always loved the way Maci Bentley mom has parented or what is shown on tv. Have gotten some my parenting tips from her. Yes im sure edits it what they want to see. Still means i still can get some useful tips. So i named middle name after awesome kid and omage to Maci kid who i think is pretty cool with a super cool name.

All four Boys have a great kindness to them. Jose is always worrying about other people. Adrian is always trying to help as best he Can. Owen models there behavior and starting realize his dad diffrent and to adjust. Brandt is just trying to figure out our pack. But in the end all the boys show kindness and that names mean something. The over all theme with the Murphys


Kindness Counts

Edited Sharyn Obrigewitsch

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