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???Common question ???

Let's start with what is common for my husband when at grocery store, electronic store or even just on a walk walking with him. Often first natural reaction is they talk to him as if he can't speak. Now i don't know based on upbringing or just fear. They talk to him as a child often get startled by the reaction. When they find out that my husband speech is intact. What does bother me is when we are at these stores and they road block him or are family and want to pray in the store.The prayers are nice but nicer when you take that time do it on your own time don't force us. Its awkward feeling often makes us feel uncomfortable and its happened more than once in different stores. Boundaries! Now that is small look into our family. Here are some questions that may or may not Know.

1. What does your husband have ? Cerebral Palsy

Definition: a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination (spastic paralysis) and/or other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth.

Are typical short answer for people. Loss of Oxygen in the brain.

2.Can Braden feel?

Braden is Not paralyzed he can feel everything. I even sometimes tickle him.

3.How fast does my husband powered chair go?

NINE miles hour.

Mostly men ask this trying to connect with him. But this one is funny because most the men think they came up with this joke.

4.Does everything work?

My typical answer mind your business. The baby was naturally conceived so YES. After 10 years infertility I got the miracle plus sign.

5. When you go to bed do you have to get up if he needs to use restroom?

NO. We use urinal cost is typically 7 dollars often found at Wal-mart, CVS and other stores.

6. Does your husband have a special diet?

Nope he drinks soda likes it is an ocean. He actually is picky eater by choice. No veggies unless it is Broccoli with mayo.

7. Why does Braden drink with a straw?

Easier and typically has lid minimize spilling.

8. How does he work? Well he is professional poker player and comedian goes back fourth depending tournament and opportunities. He might fall into politician soon.

9. What does his caregiver do for him? Grocery shop cook clean help with showers Picking things up. Laundry and best of all mothering his children.

10. Do you ever get a break from each other ? Yes and No. We are 24/7 team. So we spend a lot of time together. More than average couple. However we try are best do things for ourselves have friends and family help.

I hope these question of curiosity opened up your eyes. That you learned something inside a family with a wheelchair and wife. When you see someone in show them some kindness and smile at them. If your in your mask wave. Kindness always counts.


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