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Birthday Love #30

Well Hello I’m 30! 

My baby boy is one next up is Jose who will be 12! I love birthday I’m actually kinda obsessed! I love birthday because one excuse to say hello I’m freakin awesome and love on yourself or others! My birthday was struggle for couple years because of 911 when twin towers fell down! Since then I have made it a point to celebrate. I’m big on celebrating because on that day that moment I you were created for your small mark on the world! There always a reason you or anybody else is here on earth! It seems to be great way show kindness to others! You get show Them you love them you care for them! Big or small just by saying happy birthday! Well goodbye 20s hello 30s! I’m starting my 30 married with kids! I hope this decade gets better and better! Remember you can always be super kind on someone birthday! Kindness Counts! 


Photo credit Taken by Ashley Frame

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