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Aunt Cindy'S CHEESE DIP!

Ever met someone that you just click with? Aunt Cindy is on Braden’s side of the family. She lives down the street from me. So close, that I might run into her at the Target drive-up or at the local Trader Joe’s.

With that being said, she has this cheese dip. It's to die for. No really, I ask for it all the time. I think I even asked for it at my wedding. But, I for sure ask for it for my 30th birthday. Except Aunt Cindy holds out. I have tried and tried over the years to make it on my own. As I type this, I already asked to make it with her. Because, on my own, I never can make it the same as her’s. But, this time, I'm like no way are we going to do it together. I'm going to see how she makes this magic. How did I discover this magic? At Sunday School. No, not actual Sunday School. Before the pandemic, Braden’s family often got together on Sundays. His family has a lot of siblings, and cousins so it’s always at someone’s house. It's like a pot- luck, everyone brings something. Basically everyone chit-chats. And sometimes there are games like domino trains. And, if you haven't guessed it, I have a big personality. I always loved going to these get-togethers. I get to catch up, eat food, & play games. This is where I discovered Aunt Cindy’s cheese dip.

This is where Aunt Cindy & I developed a bond. She often talked to me. I won't say she's old but she's a nice lady, who always involved me and my kid’s life. She always has something in her dang pocket for kids even if we randomly bump into her at a store. Even at a pet store she will still have something for kids. Over the years we have been work out partners.

She is MY back up a person if I needs help. She is an all around good lady with some awesome cheese dip. If you think I'm joking here are few times I have asked, yes, asked, like during holidays, asked for it for my birthday and my kid’s birthdays, for the Super Bowl, and any and all planned Sunday Schools. All other times she just makes me make my own batches. Between the pandemic and us “next generation” having babies, Sunday School slowed down. But thanks for Sunday School because of Aunt Cindy’s kindness, and always making cheese dip. She knows my little six-pack loves it. And with her always being Aunt Cindy. I known her plan is to show kindness and always having a bag of tricks for the nieces and nephews. Kindness counts even with simple things like a recipe.

Kindness Counts



Aunt Cindy’s cheese dip

Best Food’s mayo

Sharp shredded cheddar cheese.

Green onion

ingredients cheese mayo

Mix, refrigerate & add green onion

nicely coat the cheese

let it sit fridge and ENJOY

Ritz Crackers Dip

Congratulations I have had blog for a year! 8-8-20

Thank me later

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