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A Politician’s Wife

I became a political wife by living in the system. Laws and rules made for me, but are broken. However I have no business criticizing as I don't understand them fully. My husband wants to make a change. He sees the problems and he can articulate it way better than I can. So, I have now fully put our family out there to be scrutinized.

Thank goodness we are pretty open book. I don’t think there is going to be any dark secret that is going to come out or that we did anything shady in our past to make our family an example.

Sure we made some mistakes and sure we already have Facebook groups created to come after us.

We are open about our religion which is non-denominational. My husband is agnostic. We are honest about having no idea what denomination our adoptive kids birth family is. So these are things that could put us under attack. We discussed this and said we are willing to go forward.

We became political as a family when system’s broken rules and laws that began to effect our family. I don’t really want to go into policies or beliefs. However, I think my viewpoint is to say we thought about being kind and that people are people.

So, now I’m on a journey to support my husband with a huge grassroots campaign. That means my kids are involved and take on the task with us. Our campaign has gotten business cards and signs and it’s really happening.

The hope is to win, but also to open the eyes to something that needs change. I have to choose kindness because I am now forced to be uncomfortable and show my biggest support to my husband to make this really happen.

I must be respectful and nice to people I meet instead of having a resting bitch-face. I have to open the conversation to explain why he is running and what changes for which he would like to advocate. I must practice communication for the kids.

These are things at which am not very good. However, I find it important to him and frankly to many other people. If we don't create change how can we make our small part of the world a better place?

At the end of the day I would like to talk to people and help my husband help others on a much bigger scale. So I definitely have his back the whole way through. You never know if you don’t try.

It makes me think to talk to other kind people in the world. Now it’s time to make kindness count.

Jessica Murphy

Kindness counts

Husband website

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