5 Tips for Taking Photos with a Wheelchair

Whether you’re a photographer, family member, partner, or friend of someone with a disability, here are some tips that might help with photographing someone in a wheelchair. I’ll use our engagement photos as examples.

1. Get a good understanding of how the person in the chair feels about the look of the photo before the photo session. When we had our engagement photos taken, Matt didn’t want the power chair to over “power” the photo. Our photographer was great at featuring us instead of the chair.

DSC_1055       DSC_0758

2. If the person is comfortable with it, take some photos with and without the wheelchair. We brought our strong friend Jack with us (we affectionately call him “Hodor” for those of you that watch Games of Thrones), and he was able to transfer Matt in and out of his chair so we could take photos in different places. You can see him in the background below 🙂 My favorite engagement pic is the one where we are sitting on the bench.

DSC_1080     DSC_1276

3. Don’t be afraid to have fun with the chair! In one of our photos, I had Matt pull me on my roller blades. It represented us and our relationship better than most photos we’ve taken together.

DSC_0129     DSC_1173

4. Find positions that look and feel natural. With Matt not being able to make a fist, I put my hand on his to hold our “Save the Date” sign. Sitting on stairs was a great natural pose for us that made Matt feel like himself.

DSC_0875     1-DSC_0946edit

5. Make sure the person in the wheelchair is comfortable. A good photographer knows that the key to a great photo is not just background and lighting, it’s the comfort and confidence of the subject(s).

DSC_1149   DSC_1161

Have fun!


Photo Credit: Bloom N’ Zoom Photography

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  1. Wow this blog has so many wonderful words of wisdom. I pray that everyone who’s ever touched by a disability in their life, has the chance to read this blog and get to know the two of you and get to experience what it’s like, living with a disability and having fun embracing what it is and STILL living life!!! 😉

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